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Welcome to Navkalp Foundation

Navkalp literally means nau kalp i.e. nine resolutions.

Navkalp Foundation is a non-profit organization that works for the holistic development of communities. We do this through well-planned and systematic initiatives aligned with the current trends and needs of society. True to our name, we focus on 9 areas, namely, Aarogya Kalp (Health), Shiksha Kalp (Education), Kala Sanskriti Kalp (Art and Culture), Dhara Kalp (Environment), Seva Kalp (Social Service), Sahitya Kalp (Literature and History), Nari Kalp (Women Empowerment), Yuva Kalp (Youth and Development), and Arth Kalp .

Navkalp Foundation aims to inspire and enable its team to imbibe, internalize and demonstrate the organization’s established core values.

Respect – Believing in and appreciating the dignity and ability of all human beings

Integrity – Upholding and adhering to the code of conduct aligned with social, ethical, and organizational norms

Commitment – To meet organizational objectives with full commitment to our obligations and duties

Excellence – Setting high standards of success and being accountable and responsible for our work

Our values are at the core of everything we do.

Navkalp Foundation maintains transparency, and to ensure this, we prefer donations in the form of distributable materials and seldom in monetary donations, which are then directed towards initiatives with regular updates provided to the donors.