Knowing Navkalp

Our Core Values

Navkalp Foundation aims to inspire and enable its workers to imbibe, internalise and demonstrate these organisation’s established core values

  • Respect: Believing in and appreciating dignity and ability of all human beings.
  • Integrity: Upholding and adhering to the code of conduct aligned with social, ethical and organizational norms.
  • Commitment: To meet organizational objectives with full commitment to our obligations and duties.
  • Excellence: Setting high standards of success, and being accountable and responsible for our work.

How We Do It

Navkalp Foundation has made significant efforts in its approach to programming since its inception. From offering direct service to allowing for disadvantaged and vulnerable communities.

To resolve the root causes of poverty, Navkalp Foundation has grown into a rights-based organisation. Our emphasis is specifically on the nine verticals of society that we consider to be the most important issues to resolve for the overall growth of the society.

Our efforts are focused on mitigating root causes of poverty, building secure and resilient communities and ensuring a life of dignity from the most marginalised and vulnerable communities for all human beings.

As we move forward, our core programming strategy will continue to involve social analysis and action, progressive value chain approaches to gender, improving leadership and life skills, capacity building and multi-level leadership positions, advocacy on national and international forums, and fostering public , private and civil society ties and dialogues.